Business domain names

On behalf of your business I can reserve a domain name and will manage the account, saving you time and trouble. Tri-annually I renew the domain name so you don't have to.

I can reserve a domain with any suffix available and I take the time to go through the best options with you.

The domain will be registered in the name of the business owner, at the business address. The company owner will have full rights to it and can transfer it at any time should they wish to.

Website hosting and professional email addresses can also be set up and maintained.

Who am I?

I am an SEO website designer called Kelly Drewett; I've been trading as Kaydee Web since the year 2000.

In that time span I have provided hundreds of domain names, hosted websites and supplied email address to clients across Europe, North America and Australasia.

Fully experienced in reserving, transferring and setting up business domain names, as well as WordPress migrations and backups.

What is a domain name?

Domain name, or just domain, is a term used to mean website address.

I can provide domain names for businesses.

I can brainstorm with you to help choose an appropriate business domain name, helping your website to thrive online.

Business domain names and hosting

There is a difference between registering a domain name and purchasing website hosting.

When you register a domain you buy the name, and the rights to use it.

However, to put a website on that domain web hosting must also be purchased. The hosting account is where the files are stored that make up the website.

Business domain name prices

The examples below are for a three year registration period. Domains can be reserved for longer. / / £35.00 €45.00 CA$65.00 US$50.00*

.com / £50.00 €55.00 CA$85.00 US$65.00*

.net / .org / .info £40.00 €50.00 CA$70.00 US$55.00*

If your preferred suffix or currency is not listed here email me to enquire.

I don't charge VAT.

*Currencies outside of the UK are approximate. Prices depend on the exchange rate at time of invoicing.

Domain with email

I can reserve a domain name and set up professional email addresses. The email accounts are associated with the domain i.e. [email protected]

At this stage there is no need to buy hosting, unless you have a website to host.