Online marketing for professionals

For website owners, marketers and website designers

My online marketing course will teach passionate small business owners and their employees how to:

    Improve a website to rank on search engines. Increase traffic and encourage repeat visits. Use tools to analyse outcomes. Use landing pages and a blog to gain a wider reach. Maximise their over all online presence with media and social platforms.

Why take a course with me?

I have trained business owners for many years in websites and search engines. I've developed websites for 20 years. In the last 10 of those I became fascinated with search engines, and helping small business websites to work harder online.

I'm very approachable and the course is personable. There is no chance of you feeling embarrassed to ask a question or bewildered by web jargon.

I've got a tool kit of web tips and pro tricks that I am excited to share.

Get to know me

What will you learn?

By the end of the course you will understand search engines, how they decipher websites and what they look for in a company profile. You can use your new knowledge to improve your own website or improve websites for others. You will be able to analyse a website and, with some hard work, watch it increase rank on search engine result pages.

The course can be conducted via Zoom or I can come to your offices.

Online marketing course modules

Module 1: Positive signals to search engines.

Quality guidelines for search engines and visitors.

Module 2: Tracking and analysing a website.

Set up tracking, Google analytics and how to easily refer back.

Module 3: Fixing crawl errors.

What are crawl errors? How to fix them.

Module 4: Targeting.

Research key terms and apply them to posts and pages

Module 5: The perfect web page (and blog post).

Build a page that search engines love.

Module 6: Internal and external links.

Links and their influence.

Module 7: Local SEO and alignment.

Learn how to prevail by geographical area.

Module 8: Social media and online reviews.

How social media and online reviews affect website rank.

Module 9: Blogging.

Learn to blog (properly) to drive traffic to a website.

Module 10: Videos and photos.

Use media to increase rank.

Module 11: Newsletters.

The golden newsletter list, how to build it and use it with a website.

Module 12: Paid for adverts.

Set up and use paid for adverts.

Prices for WordPress training courses

Online training course

£1797.00 for 1 person
+ £397.00 per additional person, maximum of 6 people.

6 people = £696.50 each.

Half/half £898.50 each half (6 modules).

In-person training course

£2196.00 for 1 person
+ £496 per extra person, maximum of 6 people.

6 people = £862.00 each.

Deposit: £197 per person. 2 payments should be deposited there after. Final payment 3 weeks before the course begins.

I can administer training anywhere in the UK or Europe. If you are further afield, ask me! I do like to travel. Expenses charged and paid upfront.

Search engine consultancy

Would your company benefit from a personalised search engine consultancy service?

I can modify the online marketing course or create bespoke training days in search engine marketing. Currently I offer this in the UK and Europe, but do enquire. I may consider travelling further.

Online marketing course in
the French Alps

Bring your colleagues and employees to the French Alps. I can organise training courses including course venue, accommodation plus team activities such as skiing and snowboarding (in the winter), mountain biking and road cycling (in the summer), hiking and yoga.

Not a social media course

In module 8 we will spend time learning about social media and how it will support your website. However you will not learn how to market your website using social media platforms.

I am not a social media manager - that is a course within itself. I love Social Media Examiner for online social media courses.