Custom website design

Guidance and development in custom website design for business. I help startups, entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses in website design and search engine optimisation.

I design custom websites to search engine quality guidelines, keeping them fast, mobile compatible and ensuring the layout can be fully understood by search engine crawlers.

I've enjoyed working for small businesses since the year 2000 and I will help you to achieve the best from your website.

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With a bespoke web design package I:

  • Provide a mobile compatible, company website to brief.
  • Programme that site according to search engine quality guidelines.
  • Assist choices in design, layout and content.
  • Present proof sites as desired, working towards the final outcome.
  • Optimise each page for search engines.
  • Test the final version across devices and platforms.

On launch of the custom website I:

  • Will set up Google Analytics on behalf of your company.
  • Add your company to Google Search Console and submit a SiteMap.
  • Fully maintain the site carrying out security updates, text changes and product additions when required.
  • Can continue to guide you in website optimisation.
  • Will direct the writing of a blog for better website rank.

Why choose custom website design?

There are lots of ways to put together a website, some already themed and very affordable. So why pay for custom website design?

Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Wix and SquareSpace are understandably very popular because companies can build and update their own sites.

However for a website to be competitive on search engines, the programmer should use clean code and good markup. That way search engines can understand the pages.

Whilst 'in-a-box' CMS websites have a place, often themes and plugins are code heavy providing an interface in which non-web developers can use them. This also unfortunately makes them rather slow, which means rank penalisation.

It is more advantageous for search rank to use clean code. If your website is at the stage where it needs to rank well, it is worth paying for custom design.

A business website should:

  • Look professional across all platforms.
  • Adapt to user devices.
  • Load quickly.
  • Have good structure and navigation.
  • Be well written with original content.
  • Work well on search engines.

Responsive website design for business

A responsive website is a site that will respond to any device when viewed, be it smart phone, tablet or computer. It is imperative that your business website is responsive for easy user access.

A mobile friendly website is important for search engine rank position, as Google will rank mobile friendly sites first when users search on mobile. That is over 60% of searches.

What is responsive web design?

WordPress website designer

I have been a WordPress website designer for over 10 years. With so much experience in website design, I really know the ins and outs of WordPress.

I can use a WordPress theme that you have chosen or I can design a completely bespoke WordPress theme for your company with clean coding.