Website design portfolio

Our website design portfolio includes some of our more recent and some 'old but gold' small business websites, which we still love. All designed with search engines in mind.

Many are created in WordPress. Others developed in PHP/HTML using a responsive framework called Bootstrap. Some are a combination.

Who is Kelly?

Our founder, Kelly, was brought up in a village in the UK, but has since lived in Canada and now in France. She is a web geek who loves food and sport - yoga, snowboarding, biking and hiking.

Enjoy the journey to website success!

How we can help you in SEO and websites

Bootstrap is an uncluttered library of plain HTML and CSS templates which we use to design custom search engine friendly websites that are fast and responsive.

We can install and develop sites in the WordPress content management system, enabling you to maintain a website in-house. We are able to create a bespoke design or can customise existing themes.

Your website or blog can be managed by me. To gain traction on search engines we research industry key terms and provide written content and media for pages or posts.

Product additions and security updates can be taken care of at the drop of an email.

What makes a good website?

Your website should be fast, responsive, content rich, well written and optimised for search engines. It must engage your audience and help them to find the information they require, quickly.

We want to guide you in web design and web content so you can get the best from your online presence.

Custom website design

Fast loading websites that are optimised for search engines.

We love to design custom websites, built to search engine quality guidelines - we guide you and bring a wealth of experience.

If you require your website to be competitive online and rank well, it is worth paying for custom design.

WordPress websites

An adaptable platform enabling business owners to make updates.

We customise existing WordPress themes or build custom themes.

Custom themes load much faster and minimises the use of code that is often included to allow non web developers to create using WordPress.

SEO website design

Sites designed and optimised for search engines.

We design custom websites that are ranked well by search engines.

Existing websites can be improved for search engine compatibility, meaning they are easier for customers to find.

Ask us to take a look at your site.