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WordPress website design

WordPress website design that is search engine ready.

Do you want to have influence online? Would you like a strong business presence that can grow, bring traffic and sell your product?

Choose a well put together, well-structured, WordPress website that is customised to your requirements.

We are unique because we build with foundations for strong SEO; a WordPress website created well from the ground up. Kelly, our founder, has worked with WordPress for a long time and have worked on websites even longer.

You’ll need advice and support in your WordPress journey, and we are able to provide that. We're here to help you expand it, to climb search engine rank.

Plugins and themes are picked for their integrity and are kept to a minimum. This ensures that your website delivers information fast, making it appealing to your audience and to search engines.

What is WordPress and why use it?

WordPress is a CMS - a content management system in which non-web designers can update and grow their website. It’s great for content building which means it’s great for search engines.

It is a fairly low-cost way to get a functional website online - from a static website, web shop through to a membership website. The trick is to keep things as simple as possible.

Before WordPress, to have a content management system, businesses would pay tens of thousands of pounds. WordPress changed this for so many and has given businesses today some freedom to grow their websites.

When used correctly, WordPress is an adaptable and easy-to-use web design package. It enables non-web designers to contribute to their own website and blog. This also makes WordPress dangerous - anyone can put a WordPress website up, so choose your designer carefully.

We choose WordPress over other CMS systems because it is open-source, meaning that it’s built by a collective, not an enterprise, so you own everything that is on your website. It’s also better for search engine optimisation than many of the other systems out there and will give you more control and opportunity.

Custom WordPress website design

WordPress isn't always the best choice for a business especially if the business is very search engine oriented or only need to make simple changes like text and image.

Check out our flexible, mobile-friendly custom websites which are code-light and great for search engines.

Search engine optimisation

Experienced and knowledgeable in technical SEO and SEO website design with the ability to implement best practices to WordPress websites.

We provide organic search engine optimisation services to businesses and agencies.

WordPress website design process

First, we have a discovery call - usually over Zoom - to find out if we are a good fit for each other. We can go through design requirements and functionality.

You may have an idea of the design that you would like to tell us about, you might have no idea at all. I’ll find out your style by looking at other websites within your industry.

There might be a WordPress theme that you’ve got your eye on - we will advise if it is solid and if we would work with it. Or we use a clean theme that we can customise to your requirements.

A quote is provided and on agreement of the quote, we then send an engagement letter and ask for 50% upfront. Once returned, the start date is set.

Once we start on the design, it takes a week or two to provide something we are happy with, and we go through the proof together.

The other pages are added once you are happy with the design, colours, fonts and layout. That is when the website really starts to take shape.

In all honesty, a website takes between 1 month and 3 months to finish, depending on the media, content and how well we work together.

What is WordPress?

A theme is applied by the website designer which decides the look of a WordPress website. Website designers use code called CSS to move things around a little if necessary. To get it looking good.

Plugins manage the functionality - like a contact form, a shopping basket, membership area or an event calendar.

Learn WordPress

Most people only ever need to know how to change text and add images, which is super easy using WordPress. We’ve got plenty of resources to help you learn - see our WordPress tutorials for beginners.

In some cases, you might like to understand WordPress better and use it to grow your business, so Kelly offers WordPress training courses online.

Would you like to avoid WordPress? Although WordPress is fantastic, there are reasons people avoid using a content management system. Find out more on our custom website design page.

Web design and SEO prices

Quotes can be provided in your currency - just ask.

Web design example prices

Customised six-page website design and build.
Customised six-page website design, build and content writing.
Updates to design, text or images. Minimum 1 hour per calendar month.
£75.00 per hour
Monthly search engine optimisation.
Between £150.00 and £1200 per month

Common WordPress problems

With our WordPress experience we can fix common WordPress problems.

Common WordPress problems we see frequently are:

  • Difficulty installing WordPress core.
  • The WordPress white screen of death.
  • Theme or plugin update has broken the site.
  • Errors establishing a database connection.
  • Failed WordPress upgrades.
  • WordPress stuck in maintenance mode.
  • Permalinks not working, or WordPress menu system not working.
  • WordPress website has been hacked.
  • Very slow WordPress website affecting search page rank.

WordPress website security

Being a popular Open Source software, WordPress comes under attack from hackers. Out dated WordPress installs are commonly targeted as they've been in the public domain longer.

Themes and plugins for WordPress can be developed by anyone with the know-how and are sometimes created without client security in mind. This opens up other security holes.

That doesn't mean that WordPress is insecure, as long as plugins are by trusted developers and the core is kept up to date. Easy when you know how.

Working on WordPress every day means we have the knowledge and experience to recreate and fix bugs of many levels.

We provide WordPress security packages, monthly updates and backups to keep your WordPress website safe.

WordPress website migration

There are times that a WordPress website owner would like to move from a host to another but haven’t got the skills to do the migration. The files and the database need to be carefully backed-up and transferred to the new host.

Are you thinking about moving a WordPress website and database to a different web host? Talk to me, we take care of that for you - we provide security, maintainance, domains and hosting.

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