WordPress website design

WordPress is a convenient and adaptable platform for companies wanting to update a website in-house. I customise existing WordPress themes or can custom build.

Custom themes load much faster, leaving out much of the code the non web developers need to create a WordPress website.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free, OpenSource content management system which gives businesses the ability to update websites in-house. This is an alternative solution to 'from scratch' CMS development, which can be financially out of reach for some small businesses.

Custom WordPress website design

Professional, WordPress website design for business.

I design clean WordPress templates using Bootstrap 4 framework.

This produces a flexible, mobile friendly website which is code-light and great for search engines.

WordPress websites for business startups

Experienced WordPress website designer.

As a more affordable option for business startups and small businesses I offer a startup package, with a little custom design.

The result is a mobile friendly, WordPress website.

Experienced WordPress website designer

I am a WordPress website designer with background knowledge in HTML, CSS, some MySQL and PHP. I work with Bootstrap 4 CSS framework.

I have a toolbox of tried and tested themes and plugins by trusted providers that I use day to day. I can mould each to your requirements.

I develop each site to be search engine friendly meaning your website will look good across all platforms and, with the correct support, drive custom.

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Common WordPress problems

With my WordPress experience I can fix all common WordPress problems.

Common WordPress problems I see are:

  • Difficulty installing WordPress core.
  • The WordPress white screen of death.
  • Theme or plugin update has broken the site.
  • Errors establishing a database connection.
  • Failed WordPress upgrades.
  • WordPress stuck in maintenance mode.
  • Permalinks not working, or WordPress menu system not working.
  • WordPress website has been hacked.
  • Very slow WordPress websites, which effects SEO.

WordPress website security

Being a popular OpenSource software, WordPress comes under attack from hackers. Out of date WordPress installs are more commonly targeted as they've been in the public domain longer.

Themes and plugins for WordPress can be developed by almost anyone. This opens up other security holes.

That does not mean that WordPress is deficient, as long as plugins are by trusted developers and the core is kept up to date.

Working on WordPress every day means I have the knowledge and experience to recreate and fix bugs of many levels.

I provide WordPress security packages and monthly updates to keep your WordPress website safe.

Do you have any of these common WordPress problems, errors or any other WordPress troubles?

Are you thinking about moving a WordPress website and database to a different ISP?

Would you like to talk about keeping your WordPress site secure and well maintained?

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