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Web design and SEO prices

My main intention is to supply you with a website that will connect with an ideal audience and that search engines will rank well - with some hard work. Your website can drive traffic and can sell your product.

The steps to achieve this are:

  • Provide simple navigation for visitors and search engines.
  • Use HTML, the language of the web, that search engines understand.
  • Design using colours and font that will appeal to target audience.
  • Keep the site fast to download. For all connections.
  • Be vigilant in image size, compression and file names.
  • Use researched, relevant key terms.
  • Structure the pages to be understood by search engines.
  • Write the website well - be informative but to the point.
  • Avoid repeat content.
  • Use markup to help search engine crawlers.

Web design quote - bespoke website

For a full quote on web design prices please email me.

I can provide a price for the website design, structure, pages and functionality.

Each website is individual to the business so I always quote personally after an initial talk.

Custom web design

Web design and SEO prices

I can provide quotes in pounds, euros or dollars - just ask.

Web design example prices

Customised 6 page website design, build and content writing.
Customised 6 page website design and build.
Basic 3 page website. To get you online, little custom design.
Updates to design, text or images. Minimum 1 hour per calendar month.
£65.00 per hour

SEO packages

Three burning questions about your website.
SEO audit.
On page and off page SEO.
£500.00 per month*
On page and off page SEO.
£1000.00 per month*
On page and off page SEO.
£1500.00 per month*

*Minimum of three months. Please visit SEO packages to see what I offer.