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SEO website design for a campervan and van rental company

I designed and programmed this custom website using the Bootstrap 4 framework, SCSS, HTML5 and PHP.

Design of the website

This European campervan rental business already had a fantastic logo and a corporate look - designed by illustrator and graphic designer Eline of Brein Boerderei in the Netherlands.

Eline also created the campervan illustrations on the van pages.

The black and white colour scheme is similar to the campervans themselves, and we used four bright colours to help navigate.

The injection of colour and the beautiful images break up the pages and give a more vibrant holiday feeling.

I used a clear rounded font for the body and a hand-writing font for the titles - following the brand theme.

The site is programmed according to Google's quality guidelines, so as much as possible, I've kept the website loading fast and suitable for all screen sizes.

There is a balance between the client’s requirements for large images and site speed to maximise search.

Campervan and van rental website design
Responsive website design

Search engine optimisation

I guided Simon, the business owner, into structuring the site according to the keyword research.

The English version of the website was written entirely by myself with search engines in mind.

We then got it translated into French by a native speaker. Something I believe is essential when thinking about how a customer reads a website.

I am an avid camper myself, so I knew what people would look for in a website such as this.

We created sister sites on subdomains to attract English and French-speaking customers to target customers in different countries.

The English site instantly did well on search engines in English speaking countries such as America, England, Australia and New Zealand, as does the French website within French-speaking countries.

Google Maps is used to display the agencies’ locations and for useful links on the pages for the campervans themselves. They the website helpful and encourage visitors to return to plan their adventure.

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